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Create a Success Story Center

Create a “Success Story Center” that acts as a clearinghouse within an existing organization to coordinate all success stories and promotional material in the region to proactively pursue press coverage opportunities.

Status: In Progress / Combined with ‘Identify organization to track all Fond du Lac press coverage’ Action Item 
Craig Molitor, Fond du Lac Area Visitors Bureau; Melissa Worthington, AC; Jenny Knuth, wisnet



The Envision site is still being built. The blogging feature remains integral to the new Envision website and bloggers are being identified and scheduled/assigned. Aiming for launch in April/May.


Craig provided an update on the new Envision website (Marketing committee) Melissa, Craig, Jenny, Patty Lehn, Mary Parado, Steve Jenkins

  • Need to be able to push out all of the great activity that’s happening either as a result of or through Envision
  • FACVB proposed that FDL.com serve as the host of the reborn Envision website.
  • GOALS of Website: Tell the community what Envision is and Create a vibrant communication tool for FDL residents to share information and to be reminded about what a great place this is to live and work in.
  • Costs have been absorbed by FACVB, pro bono work by Patty, Mary, Wisnet

Practical reasons for using FACVB website as infrastructure:

  • FACVB has the marketing infrastructure in place. This is what they do every day.
  • FACVB has the manpower and the knowhow to do this and make it stay relevant and pertinent.
  • FDL.com domain is incredibly simple – makes sense to the local audience and visitor audience too
  • FACVB is a destination marketing organization with a goal to drive tourism. Only way to drive tourism is to sell FDL – fun, healthy, safe, etc. place to live, work, play, visit
  • Content is king and FACVB has a primary focus on content development as a standard course of business.
  • EnvisionFDL.com – will direct to FDL.com

Vision of Envision – Getting people to understand the collective impact of this work. Community owned, community drives it forward. What happens when a community works together…

  • Blog governance structure – lead blogger by category who can approve blog postings and also makes sure the blogs are getting written and posted.
  • 3-4 blogs per month per category… Will have an editorial calendar. Scheduled, organized, requires commitment or will not succeed. Bloggers have been identified already. But, always interested in more…
  • FACVB will MARKET the blog
  • Will rely on other businesses to pick up Envision blog content as well.
  • Tools will be provided for businesses to tap into Envision RSS feed

Site moving into development within the next week. Then, work to populate content.


Working to develop a communications initiative, including a Community Blogging program and an Earned Media effort

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