We welcome you and your family to experience (or experience again from your youth) a fresh, delightfully different way of living, working and playing. You’ll have the chance to meet genuine people, taste farm fresh flavors, pick your own fruits, pet farm animals, and much more – making your trip here an adventure everyone will love and remember.


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Art All Around

Location:   Fond du Lac and the Lake Winnebago Region Dates:   Friday, June 2nd, Saturday, June 3rd, Sunday, June 4th There’s so much to the Arts in Fond du Lac… we needed THREE days to experience it all! Fond du Lac and the Lake Winnebago region is excited to present Art All Around, a […]


Every Corner Has a Story

To appreciate Fond du Lac and the Lake Winnebago region’s agricultural roots you need to take a closer look at the history of the equipment and transportation of mid-19th century. Historic Site is the state of Wisconsin’s largest collection of antique carriages and wagons. Self-guided tours allow you to explore, at your own pace, the vehicles […]


Life on the Farm

Discover something out-of-the-ordinary in agricultural tourism at LaClare Farms. Arrange for a tour of the goat barn to ride a wagon through the pens and enjoy the varied and hilarious personalities of over 400 goats. Have you ever looked into the face of a goat and wondered what it is thinking? At LaClare Farm the […]

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