Loren Voss


40 plus years of turkey hunting experience. Hunted in many states. Harvested turkeys with gun, bow and crossbow. Maker wing bone calls with own variation of the old Indian call. Personally harvested 121 turkeys. 2011 Spring season Wisconsin Jake/Wednesday-Tom/Thursday-Bearded Hen/Friday Hunting buddy called this the Tri-fecta. All 3 bird types in 3 days 2014 Season Had 2 tags area 3 shot 50 pounds of Toms 1 shot 26 and 24 pounder 2016 Season DOUBLE DOUBLE 10 birds total for 8 shots. Twice gettting 2 birds 1 shot. Have called for many hunters with many being 1st time turkey hunters. Hunt both spring and fall turkeys. Use all the various calls. Mouth – Box – Slate – Bone Use various tents, ghillie suit and camouflage systems for hunting. Proficient with various decoy settings with helpful set up hints. Have many tips for scouting your hunting area. Remember turkey hunting is a still sport! Loren Voss 972 Churchill Lane Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935 H 920-921-6088 C 920-602-2898 levoss@charter.net

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