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Baseball and Softball in Fond du Lac

| August 18, 2017

I attended my first Dockspiders game with my dad on a beautiful night in August this year.

He has numerous memories of the old Fond du lac Panthers baseball teams, which got me thinking about the game a bit more. When I was a kid softball was played in the summer at the numerous playgrounds scattered around the city. There were little league baseball teams as well which played at the few diamonds the city operated and maintained at the time.

I remember my uncle Robert “Buck” Du Frane playing fast pitch softball, which was pretty much the game played back then, before the games of moderate pitch and slow pitch became the games mostly played in the leagues.

Now I got to thinking about the Softball Hall of Fame which is located in Forest Mall by the entrance near Staples.

Wouldn’t it be great to see an expanded baseball hall of fame somewhere here in the city that could highlight all of the great players, teams, sponsors and individuals that made Fond du Lac known for great teams of the past and future!

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