Steering Committee

The Envision Fond du Lac Steering Committee provided advisory assistance throughout the planning process. Each individual represented their organization as well as their multiple perspectives of living, working, doing business in, and visiting the Fond du Lac community. Their role included involvement with facilitating community outreach, review of interim reports and draft content, and helping to shape the development of the Envision Fond du Lac plan itself.

The Envision Fond du Lac Steering Committee includes:

Holly Brenner
Agnesian Healthcare
[email protected]

Scott Brutosky
Mercury Marine
[email protected]

Allen Buechel
Fond du Lac County
[email protected]

Greg Giles
Fond du Lac Family YMCA
[email protected]

Tom Herre
Interim President, Fond du Lac Association of Commerce
[email protected]

Chuck Hornung
Village of North Fond du Lac
[email protected]

Steve Jenkins
FDL Economic Development Corporation
[email protected]

Jenny Knuth
[email protected]

George Koonce
Marian University
[email protected]

Todd Koss
Grande Cheese
[email protected]

Louie Lange
Commonwealth Companies
[email protected]

Steve Leaman
Horicon Bank
[email protected]

Jace Hierlmeier
JF Ahern Company
[email protected]

Sam McClone
McClone Insurance
[email protected]

Craig Molitor
Fond du Lac Convention and Visitor Bureau
[email protected]

Joe Moore
City of Fond du Lac
[email protected]

Kelly Norton
St. Mary’s Springs Academy
[email protected]

Aaron Sadoff
North Fond du Lac School District
[email protected]

Dr. James Sebert
Superintendent, Fond du Lac School District
[email protected]

Andrew Welsch
Children’s Museum of FDL
[email protected]

Melissa Worthington
Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce
[email protected]

Recent Project Updates

Establish a volunteer network

Establish a large volunteer network organized around specific community service projects, including any opportunities to engage and coordinate with existing volunteer organizations within the Fond du Lac community. Status: In Progress Lead(s): Greg Giles, YMCA Partners(s): YMCA Updates: 3/14/17 Progress continues with Tomorrowhood initiative; Related and positive, but not previously identified through Envision FDL activity, through United Way […]

Promote living locally in Fond du Lac

Coordinate with major employers to promote living locally in Fond du Lac and have them directly link new residents with community ambassadors early in their relocation process. Status: In Progress Lead(s): Todd Koss, Grande Cheese; Jim Cleveland, FCEDC Partners(s): FCEDC, Agnesian, Michels, J.F. Ahern, Fives, Wells, C.D. Smith, Excel Engineering Updates: 3/14/17 Jim Cleveland working to move this […]

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