The Process


Over the course of a year, the Envision Fond du Lac planning process engaged hundreds of residents from all walks of life. Targeted efforts were made to  ensure typically underrepresented groups, such as low income households, racial and ethnic minorities, students, and young professionals had a voice in the process.

Outreach efforts included:

  • 5 policy workshops
  • 13 fact-finding workshops
  • 55+ stakeholder interviews
  • 1,000+ website participant feedback, map/data points & more


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Recent Project Updates

Establish a volunteer network

Establish a large volunteer network organized around specific community service projects, including any opportunities to engage and coordinate with existing volunteer organizations within the Fond du Lac community. Status: In Progress Lead(s): Greg Giles, YMCA Partners(s): YMCA Updates: 3/14/17 Progress continues with Tomorrowhood initiative; Related and positive, but not previously identified through Envision FDL activity, through United Way […]

Promote living locally in Fond du Lac

Coordinate with major employers to promote living locally in Fond du Lac and have them directly link new residents with community ambassadors early in their relocation process. Status: In Progress Lead(s): Todd Koss, Grande Cheese; Jim Cleveland, FCEDC Partners(s): FCEDC, Agnesian, Michels, J.F. Ahern, Fives, Wells, C.D. Smith, Excel Engineering Updates: 3/14/17 Jim Cleveland working to move this […]

Destination Lake Winnebago Region