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Fond du Lac Area Turkey Hunting

| July 27, 2017

In the Fond du Lac area we have many turkey hunting opportunities that many people do not know about. I have lived in Fond du Lac for 69 years and yes our hunting areas and game possibilities have changed but many still exist very close. We never saw a deer at the edge of town we went up north to hunt deer. One of my deer hunting places is so close I leave my house and am in my deer stand in 15 minutes. When I was a boy we hunted pheasants on the edge of town. Yes that’s gone but now we hunt turkeys on the edge of town. Turkeys were completely gone from Wisconsin but with the effort of the Wisconsin Sportsmen and Women, NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) and the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) we have a great turkey population in Wisconsin.

In our area we have the ability to hunt in many different locations farmer’s fields, Kettle moraines, swamps, river bottoms and forests. We now can hunt turkeys in the spring and fall.

No one can truly tell you about the experience of a spring morning of hearing the wild Tom gobbling in his roost. Seeing the birds fly down from their roost. Having a big Tom come strutting from across the field to the area you are at. Calling a Tom with in shooting range. Getting your first wild turkey. Seeing the face of a young hunter or for that fact any hunter getting a turkey.

You have to experience that for yourself.


* Post photo caption: LEGAL Double Harvested Fond du Lac Area Turkey Hunting

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