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Fond du Lac’s Skate Park Rating: PG

| August 27, 2017

My child and I headed to the Fond du Lac skate park last night. He walked in with what was clearly not a “skate park quality” scooter. A high school student complimented his scooter without a hint of irony. Within minutes, a couple kids gave him some pointers. They told him different ways to stand on his scooter, which way he should have the handle bars pointed, and even a few safety techniques.

He had come in with the goal of trying a total of two new ramps, the lowest one and the next one higher. After about five minutes, one of his peers decided to help coach him along. He helped my son recognize that he could continue to safely move on to more challenging ramps. When he wanted to try “the bowl,” no one encouraged him. Instead, they actively discouraged him from doing it because he could get hurt. At one point, one of the high schoolers offered up his own scooter. My kid was able to see the difference a quality scooter made. Their language was colorful and would have made George Carlin proud, but they never used it to belittle one another. It was always an expression of joy or frustration at having succeeded or failed in an attempt at a trick or just as an additional adjective in a story.

I have to say, I was thoroughly and completely impressed by the youth of Fond du Lac (and by extension want to say “well done!” to their parents and the “village” that raised them).


A thumbs up for no broken wrist!



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