Meeting trends: destinations that offer wellness options to your meetings

A perfect fit in Fond du Lac and the Lake Winnebago Region

Have you noticed how differently today’s attendees are packing for meetings and conferences? Based on the current trend to promote “business casual” at these functions, gone are the suits, ties and wing tops and power dresses and high heels. But the items you find in a suitcase today go beyond casual dress. You most likely will find work out clothes and athletic shoes. You may even see a yoga mat and weights unpacked. This is because the employees today value time fit into the agenda for personal fitness and a location conducive to incorporating wellness into their daily schedule.

According to the Center for Disease Control, stress can lead to chronic disease which can cost trillions to companies in lost work due to sick days and work-related illnesses. In order to combat these high costs, companies are incorporating wellness programs into their work week and corporate meetings.

Fond du Lac and the Lake Winnebago Region is a perfect place to offer sessions and personal time that truly break from tradition. Known as the Well City, The Tree City and the Bird City, attendees can take advantage of six recreational trails with approximately 50 miles for hiking, bicycling, walking and cross-country skiing.

There are acres of native grass open to the public for walks and hikes. The Gottfried Prairie and Arboretum is an innovative attempt to depict native plant and plant communities in a design that offers tension-free zones for enjoying.

Meeting attendees can learn to kite and paddle board on Lake Winnebago. There is no tie to think about anything but staying upright and afloat when you straddle a board and master the art of kiting on water. Wind Power Windsurf & Kite Center offers rentals and lessons for all levels of sailors.

For the less adventuresome there are many choices of on land recreational opportunities including picking apples and strawberries and doing yoga in the lakefront.

With these trends in mind, Fond du Lac – a midsize community located just an hour from Wisconsin’s major cities of Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay – will offer an affordable luxury boutique hotel, reopening in 2018, which rivals those in major metropolitan cities.

Making the deal even sweeter is Hotel Retlaw’s location in the heart of downtown Fond du Lac. It gives meeting attendees the extra advantage of very little traffic congestion and the added convenience of walking to nearby restaurants, shops and art studios. It is located within two miles of Lakeside Park and Lake Winnebago for some sought after “down-time.” The result is a relaxing, upscale atmosphere that welcomes small group meetings, as well as larger conventions. With a luxury spa, Hotel Retlaw is a perfect destination for attendees to pamper themselves in a personal break-out session.

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