For religious leaders, faith-based group travel, conferences, retreats, mission trips and pilgrimages – the Fond du Lac Area and Lake Winnebago Region offers an idyllic combination of traditional and nontraditional venues and a beautiful landscape and history of the Holyland.  Nestled in northern Fond du Lac County along the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago, the Holyland region is known for its distinctive agricultural landscape, a close-knit community life, and deep Roman Catholicism brought by Germans who began settling the region in the 1840s.  This area is dotted with several small rural communities, each with a grand Catholic Church rich in history. When German immigrants arrived in America, they settled in homogenous clusters; that tradition is clearly evident in the eastern part of Wisconsin known as the Holyland. The area is approximately 100 square miles in size and is home to ten churches, in ten communities. Typically, the community was named after the church that was established in the specific area—St. Peter, etc. Many times the church was built first, and the community developed around it. In addition to the churches, there are some small grottos, and one church even expanded to include a monastery and a seminary.

If affordability, safety and easy access are key factors in selecting your next religious group destination, Fond du Lac is proud to fit those requirements and is consistently rated in the top 30 safest metropolitan statistical areas in the country, according to CQ Press.  Fond du Lac is also easily accessible off of Interstate 41 and within an hour of 70% of Wisconsin’s population is also a convenient Midwest location.  If you are searching for a community that is also affordable with a variety of venues and a place where even youth ministers, chaperones and parents are comfortable sending their tweens and teens, Fond du Lac should be your next stop.

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