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Nun Better Than Fondy High’s “Sister Act”

| November 20, 2017

“Sister Act” was hilarious.

Uplifting too, charmingly risqué and sacrilegious at times and above all – an energetic masterpiece put on by a talented youthful cast.   This observation from a practicing Catholic after watching the show Friday night performed by a cast approximating 100 of Fond du Lac High School students. Was it a sin to be so totally entertained I mused as I considered my role as a St. Mary’s Springs Academy board member.  My doubts were fleeting as I absorbed the clear message sent by the show.  That being, how competing interests can come together for the common good.  Plus, the power of civility – we can all get along.

“Sister Act”, to refresh, was made popular in a 1992 film starring Whoopi Goldberg.  As a going nowhere lounge singer Goldberg is the sometimes crush of a mob boss. After observing a particularly heinous act by said boss she is put into protective custody in a most unlikely spot – a convent.  Nuns blasting out most un-nunlike music led by a nun on the run made for one of the most financially successful film comedies of the early 1990s. This weekend Fondy’s Zakia Trotter did the Whoopi role proud.  Likewise, the entire cast proved ready for primetime.

It’s too late now for readers to see this standout performance. But not too late to be on the watch for a full slate of local theater attractions in their many forms. “Sister Act” is our latest blessing.

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