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My Thelma Art Camp Experience

| September 7, 2017

I’ve had the privilege these past two years to go to a theater camp held at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts. This year they did Cinderella and I got one of the evil stepsisters, Drizella! This theater camp was a great experience because I feel like I grew in my acting and my singing voice got better too!

Mr. Hein is the director of the camp. Anoush Cowles does the sets and Eva Thelen is the voice coach. They are great role models and are amazing at what they do. Mr. Hein, Anoush & Eva are the ones that make the play truly shine. I also really loved this camp because I felt like I could make friends easily there, because most of us shared the same passions: singing, acting, or making artwork! Mr. Hein also taught me correct stage speak, like upstage, backstage, and stage left and stage right! But most of all, the best part of this camp was that it was fun.

I enjoyed every minute of the Thelma Art camp because Mr. Hein, Anoush and Eva made it a fun and enjoyable experience! Mr. Hein also is the director of the Fond du Lac Children’s Chorale, which is also held at the Thelma. I feel like my voice has grown in my years there. I loved this Thelma camp experience, and I think that any child that loves acting will love it too!

Until next time, Emerson

For more information on Thelma’s Art Camp, check out: On [email protected] Thelma

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