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Why a Community Blog?

| July 24, 2017

Several years ago when the Fond du Lac Visitor Bureau kicked off our Destination Branding project, we engaged dozens and dozens of locals in the process, to find out what these folks  thought of their own town … for the most part the comments were positive and constructive there was however a common theme, to paraphrase, folks basically said “I think Fond du Lac is an awesome place to live but I am not so sure anybody agrees with me.With very few exceptions we found out we all pretty much love Fond du Lac and yet we are not sharing this.

Fond du Lac is “hiding our candle under a bushel,” …

This is not only a fire hazard but also a recipe for eventual failure if we intend on remaining a separate and distinct community within our broader region.  Our town runs the risk of quickly losing relevance if we do not learn how to become just a little louder and a little prouder! Topping the list of concerns – particularly given today’s historic low unemployment – are workforce issues.  We must do a better job convincing the next generation of workers that Fond du Lac is an incredible place to live.

If we the faithful are not singing our praises then who the heck is?

Furthermore as we all know nature abhors a vacuum, where there is NO message, negativity will invariably set in.

Enter the Blogging Initiative!

Let’s tell folks what we enjoy about our little corner of the world.  From the new developments to our historic underpinnings.  From the hunting and fishing to the shopping, dining, events and activities. We need to showcase our community’s VITALITY.

We know we have got it going on … Now let’s tell the world!

This community blog was founded as part of the envision strategic planning initiative – and is now built, supported and encouraged by many community organizations, including Fond du Lac Convention & Visitors Bureau and Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

Interested in becoming a contributor? Contact one of our category administrators.

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